I started this blog in October 2013 with no real expectation of gaining an regular audience. As I mentioned at the time, it was done as an experiment to make me write more regularly.

Over time, the number of people reading it has steadily increased. Any given week, I can bank on between 4 to 6 people pressing the Like button, and they are all appreciated.

Every so often, I’ll receive replies to my entries. Most often, it’s from my pal Webgirluk, whom I’ve known for nearly two decades from LiveJournal. Then last week, I found a comment from someone I met at a poetry workshop a few years back.

This started me thinking how bad I am at reading others’ entries. I have followed a lot of people over the last eight years, but I rarely have a chance to read their words, let alone comment on them.

I spend a lot of time speaking to writers and organising events, and I wish I could say I’d make the time to read the words of my WordPress contacts, but I can’t make that promise. The best I can offer is that I know they’ll always be there for when it’s possible to read them.

2 thoughts on “From our Correspondents

  1. Thanks for the namecheck πŸ˜‰ Why does it always excite me when I get tagged? Hahaha. It’s amazing that we’ve both been blogging so long and I hear you over finding time to read your blogger friends words. I admit to being hopeless at reading/replying to your WP until I started trying to give WP a go myself. I always enjoy seeing you at my LJ when you drop by, though anyway πŸ™‚


    1. It must be stated that I always make a special effort to read your posts. It means more when I know the person rather than people I don’t know.

      I’m glad you liked being tagged as well.

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