On Saturday evening, I attended my first poetry writing group in person for many months, held in the Blend Coffee Lounge in Dundee.

I first learnt about this directly from the café, as they asked me to pass it on to any writers who might be interested. They were also hosting separate art and craft events at the same time.

The intention here was to write what was described as ‘cosy’ poetry. Rebecca Baird read us some Wendy Cope and similar poets, then invited us to pen our own verses, mimicking the style of what we’d heard.

When I started writing about a decade ago, this is exactly the type of class I would take part in. Just as actors often attend improv groups to sharpen their reflexes, I highly recommend writers find a circle where you’re given a few words or a scenario and are asked to write a poem or a passage inspired by what you’ve heard.

In this case, I wrote for a solid 10 minutes, making each line of the piece begin with first words of the previous line. I haven’t been in a flow like that for a long time and I think I can edit that piece so to make it even better.

As yet, I don’t know when or if there will be another one of these, but I’m looking forward to taking part again.

2 thoughts on “Coffee and Cosy Poetry

  1. Hi Gavin. Don’t know if you remember me but you and I attended the Rally and Broad workshop in the poetry library a few years back (maybe more than a few now!). Just want to say how much I enjoy your emails coming into my inbox and then going over to read your blog posts.

    I hope this mail finds you happy and healthy.

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Kieran Kelly.

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    1. Yes, I think I remember that workshop, although I was at a few there. If I’m not mistaken, it was about how to construct a poetry show, and we had to – for example – tell the lighting operator what we wanted.

      I write this blog largely to keep myself in a regular writing discipline, but there’s often no response, so thank you for letting me know I’m not entirely shouting into the void.


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