Outside The Box

Regular readers will be aware that this blog covers all types of writing from short stories and poetry to screenplays and rap music. I believe there’s a lot we can learn from all these forms. Even watching Made in Chelsea is a great lesson in improv.

However, on moving into a new place last month, I took the decision not to own a TV. This was something I’d considered for a long time as I would either rarely watch it, or it would become a distraction when I could be doing something productive. Either way, it would more than counteract the benefits of having one.

The other factor swaying my decision is the matter of the TV licence. In the UK, you need to pay an annual fee if you have equipment that receives television broadcasts, if you watch live TV online, or if you use BBC iPlayer for any purpose. The money goes towards funding the BBC and there are heavy fines if you aren’t correctly licensed.

While it’s a difficult field to police, that’s enough of a disincentive for me not to have a telly. If there’s something I really want to see, I have other options. You can watch DVDs or most catch-up services without a licence, and you can also own a radio without charge. Even better, I’m fortunate enough to be within easy reach of two cinemas: one mainstream, the other independent.

With not having a TV, it’s an obvious question to ask what I have in its place. The answer:


4 thoughts on “Outside The Box

  1. Wise move and great that it saves you money 🙂 I went without a TV itself for many years and even now, if I watch anything, it’s mostly on “catch up” and I rarely watch anything live and I don’t use a TV for background or anything. Like your bookcase. All that space you saved 😉


  2. You hipster you! 😀 It’s nice to make your own decisions about how you want to live. My own favourite thing I’ve mostly done away with is small ornamental knick-knacks, although the surfaces in my house seem to fill themselves up when I’m not looking despite that.


    1. Thank you. I shall next grow a hipster ponytail and drink only at independent coffee shops.

      I can understand wanting to do away with ornamental knick-knacks. I’m trying my best to be as minimalist and unsentimental as possible.


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