An Ekphrastic Response To Fun a Day

Hark! An unscheduled entry, as I wanted to post this while it was still relevant.

In February, I went to an art exhibition that included a friend’s work. I was so taken by what was on display that I wrote a short story in response. The Fun a Day blog explains the rest:

Fun A Day Dundee

Gavin Cameron thoroughly enjoyed the recent Fun A Day Dundee exhibition at Wasps artist studios, stating that so many pieces of art appealed to him. So much so, he wrote a short story titled: ‘Green Camels’ in response to Jennifer Robson’s work; ‘Cloudscapes‘ (Number 10.). It was only intended for her eyes, and includes many in-jokes between them, but we feel it’s too good not to share! Gavin is a prose and poetry writer, and we will hopefully be sharing more of his work next year as part of Fun A Day Dundee 2018!

Green Camels
By Gavin Cameron


Jayne affixed her final painting to the wall and checked the clock again. Almost ten past seven. A few folk had come in, but not many. Hadn’t the Collective advertised enough?

A tap on the shoulder made her jump. “So this little event thingy is for DAfaM?”…

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