A ______ of Links.

I originally posted this on 17 February. However, it never posted to Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. Here’s what you missed.

What is the collective noun for hyperlinks? If there isn’t already one, may I suggest the term clique, a play on click? It’ll be a quick entry today, with four links I’d like to share with you. I’ve ranked them, starting with what I believe to be most interesting and useful first. If you have any further suggestions, place them in the comments. Here is my clique.

Dictionary.com blog

I use this site quite a lot, and there are always articles discussing the use, abuse, and disuse, of our language. It’s updated most days, and offers something for even the casual linguist to think about.

Eight Offbeat Literary Genres

Further to my Tabletpunk, suggestion a couple of weeks ago, this Buzzfeed article lists some genres you might have heard about, like the Penny Dreadful, and some that are new to me, including Wuxia.

Gender-neutral pronouns in English

In the Mandarin language, there isn’t much to distinguish between the pronouns he, she, him, and her. But English is the opposite, with very few ways to hide the gender of a person. This in-depth article explores the problem and possible solutions. You might have to close an advert to read this article.

How to blog

The chances are that you already know this, but there is something here for those who have always used blogging software off-the-shelf, as it were, without any tinkering. It focusses particularly on WordPress, which I found a comfortable duvet after nine years with the scratchy blanket of LiveJournal. You have my author friend Wendy Jones to thank for this.

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